the Retrobit Generations Console

Innex.Inc has just released a list of the games that will be built-in on the console they are going to distribute, Retro Bit Generations. This list, composed of more than 100 retro games, includes famous games like Ghost and Goblins, Bionic Commando,  Sword of Sodan, and less known games like The Black Bass or Brawl Brothers. The console should be available this fall for $59.99. It will be in competition with the NES Classic retro console, which is planned for release on November 11 this year, and sold for the same price, $60.00.

List of Games

From the Website:

Bring the power and entertainment of an arcade to your living room with the Retro-Bit Generations – Plug and play console. Since 2007, Retro-Bit® has been at the forefront of the retro gaming world, introducing innovative and exciting platforms to re-experience a treasured vintage gaming era. Continuing with that tradition, Retro-Bit Generations is packed with titles from world-renowned pioneer videogame developers.
Revisit and replay these classics on your own or with a friend with two retro-style six button controllers, for an authentic retro re-experience. Designed with a sleek user-friendly interface and an HDMI port, Retro-Bit Generations brings a new look for the old school gamer and delivers fun for all ages!
  • Packed with popular retro games from world-renowned developers
  • 2 USB Retro-style six button controllers
  • HDMI and AV Outputs
  • SD card slot to save and transfer game progress (SD card not included)
  • Sleek compact design
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Internal game save feature – Save your progress anywhere, any time!

Find out more about each of the games coming here.

Fabrice Stellaire
Fabrice Stellaire is a french gamer who started playing on an Amstrad CPC that ran tapes. He then got one with floppy disks and started playing on a gameboy pocket in 1998. Later, he discovered playstation and playstation 2 games, before moving to PC and 3ds. He likes most of games genres except sports and car games.Among his favourite games are Fallou ,Baldu'sgate, Final Fantasy 8, Vagrant Story or Shin Megami Tensei games.