PlayStation 4, Sony, controllers

PlayStation 4, Sony, controllers

In one week, on September 7, Sony will finally unveil the PlayStation Neo. And with the PlayStation 4 Slim coming to replace the older models as well, deals for a regular PlayStation 4 are cropping up in a lot of places. Ebay currently has the systems for $299, but that is just the beginning. This bundle also includes a second controller, meaning you can additionally save between$45 to $60. Even better, it’s condition is new, making this deal all the sweeter, less another retailer sells this item with a better bundle/price. This was not the only deal in the past week however, as Groupon previously sold the system for the same price, though refurbished and with only one controller.

Thus far, over 80 systems have been sold, and it’s growing. According to information from Ebay, there are over 1,000 units, meaning there will be time to purchase these in the next few days. There is free shipping for residents of the United States, and seemingly no tax on the consoles either.

The PlayStation Neo and Slim are replacing the old models to offer better services to new consumers, as well as compete against the upgraded systems Microsoft is putting out with their own Xbox One Slim. Details about the systems are still fairly scarce until next week, however, the Slim will be a smaller and thinner version the original PS4. Meanwhile, the Neo boasts better performance with a PS4, though that doesn’t mean all games will be exclusively for a Neo PS4.


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