Fate/Grand Order | Mashu Kyrielite GSC

Good Smile Company is releasing another Nendoroid for the Fate/Grand Order mobile game. This time, the Nendoroid is of Mashu Kyrielite (aka Matthew Kyrielite), the only Shielder class Servant in the Fate series.

Mashu is a Demi-Servant. She is a human who was fused with the Servant Galahad. Mashu works with the Chaldea Security Organization and is the original Servant given to the Player Character at the start of Fate/Grand Order.  Her Noble Phantasms are Lord Chaldeas and Lord Camelot. Mashu is very close to the Player Character and refers to him/her as senpai. Mashu is similar to a homunculus in that she was given a set life-span when she was conceived. She has 18 years to live and at the start of the Story for the game she has already lived for 16 years. She is voiced by Risa Taneda in the game.

Fate/Grand Order | Mashu Kyrielite Nendoroid

The Mashu Kyrielite Nendoroid looks very cute and features her wearing her unique combat armor. She comes with three different expressions. She comes with a standard expression, smiling expression with blush, and a combat expression. Mashu comes with her shield, the Lord Camelot, and also comes with a special effect film that helps to recreate the use of her Noble Phantasm from the game.

You can check out some pictures of the adorable figure below.

Fate/Grand Order | Mashu Kyrielite Nendoroid 1 Fate/Grand Order | Mashu Kyrielite Nendoroid 2

Fate/Grand Order | Mashu Kyrielite Nendoroid 3 Fate/Grand Order | Mashu Kyrielite Nendoroid 4

The Mashu Kyrielite Nendoroid is sculpted by toytec D.T.C and stands approximately 10 cm tall. She will cost approximately ¥4,444 before tax (about $44.24). The Nendoroid looks very adorable and would make a great addition to the collection of any Fate series fan or collector of Nendoroids in general.

You can pre-order the Mashu Kyrielite Nendoroid from J-List HERE.

The Mashu Kyrielite Nendoroid is set to release in January 2017.

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