Persona 5 Cafe Work

Persona 5 Cafe Work

Atlus Japan has posted a new Persona 5 video today. As the game’s September 15th release in Japan rapidly approaches, we are learning and seeing more about this highly anticipated title. The game will release on the PS4 and PS3 in Japan. This time we are seeing the protagonist working his part time job in the cafe. The cafe has been a very common feature in the Persona games. In Persona 3 you could go there to raise your Charm statistic, but then in Persona 3 FES and P3P you could work there part time. In Persona 4 they made the cafe even more important by using it to earn Persona Skill Cards of your choice.

New Gameplay Video

You can obviously make both coffee and curry at your new part time job, although it is a little strange to see him only serving himself. It is unknown whether you will be able to serve other guests, or even other party members. Although previous screenshots and videos have shown your party all there as guests. But there is no question that the highlight of this clip is the music.

One thing is for certain, these videos are building up the hype levels for this release to unbelievable levels. Even if we had September 15th to look forward to, this would still be a long wait, let alone that we have to wait until February 14, 2017. We here at Operation Rainfall will keep you updated on all things Persona 5, and salivate along with you.


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