Kantai Collection | Harbour Princess, Wonderful Hobby Selection

Are you a fan of Kantai Collection? How about the Abyssal Fleet enemies featured in the game? If you answered yes to both then this figure might just be the thing for you.

The Harbour Princess is an Abyssal Aviation Battleship featured in Kantai Collection. Her appearance is very distinct as she has flowing white hair, a long horn protruding from her forehead, and giant claws. She usually appears as a boss during one of the seasonal events for the game. Yui Ogura voices Harbour Princess in the game.

Kantai Collection | Harbour Princess

Max Factory is manufacturing the Harbour Princess’s figure and it is very well done. The appearance of the Abyssal Battleship seems to have been recreated perfectly. From the horn on her head, to the wrinkles on her clothes, to her giant claws, you can tell that a lot of effort went into sculpting this figure.

The Harbour Princess is shown kneeling with a solemn look on her face, her red eyes looking off into the distance. The claws are very well done and her horn looks like it’s glowing. Her proportions have been painstakingly recreated as well. Based on how this figure looks, it definitely deserves to be put into Good Smile Company’s “Wonderful Hobby Selection.”

You can check out some more pictures of her figure below.

Kantai Collection | Harbour Princess 1 Kantai Collection | Harbour Princess 2

Kantai Collection | Harbour Princess 3 Kantai Collection | Harbour Princess 4

Kantai Collection | Harbour Princess 5 Kantai Collection | Harbour Princess 6

Kantai Collection | Harbour Princess 7 Kantai Collection | Harbour Princess 8

The Kantai Collection Harbour Princess figure is 1/8th scale and is sculpted by Akimof with paintwork by Hiroyuki Hirose (Decomas Lab). It is manufactured by Max Factory and distributed by Good Smile Company under their “Wonderful Hobby Selection” series of products.

The figure stands approximately 15.5 cm tall (including the stand). She will cost approximately ¥18,333 before tax (about $182.65).

Pre-orders are open for her now and will close on August 24, 2016 at 21:00 JST.

You can pre-order her from the Goodsmile Online Shop HERE.

If you’re a fan of Kantai Collection or just like the way this figure looks, you should definitely consider adding her to your collection. If you want her, you should pre-order her quickly as the deadline is fast approaching.

The figure is set to release in April 2017.


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