We’re back for another Nintendo Download, courtesy of oprainfall! This will cover the latest new games, sales and other goodies offered by the Big N.

Pokemon Ranger | Nintendo Download

Though there’s not a lot of new arrivals, we’ll start with a couple. For the 3DS, there is a demo version of Style Savvy: Fashion Forward. I really wish I could be optimistic about this, but honestly it’s only gonna appeal to you if you’re a little girl or love shovelware. Luckily, there’s a much better new offering for the Wii U Virtual Console. Yes, Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia is now available, so those of you looking for another unique Pokemon experience should definitely try this one out.

AGVN | Nintendo Download

While there weren’t many new offerings, there are plenty of sales this week. First off, fans of the Angry Video Game Nerd can pick up AVGN Adventures, for both Wii U and 3DS, for 50% off until August 9th. There are also several Joindots games on sale, including Gardenscapes, until August 18th. For the Wii U specific sales, the highlights are definitely Steel Rivals, Star Wars Pinball and Beatbuddy, which are all on sale til later this month. For 3DS, the highlight this week is Ash, which is 30% off until August 25th.

Beatbuddy | Nintendo Download
Rayman ala slime boy, anybody?

If you’re like me and you like spending your spare change on new themes, there are a bunch of new ones available. In fact, many of the new themes are movie related, such as Toy Story, Monsters, INC. and Tangled, as well as a couple new Pokemon themes.

Finally, there are a handful of other less noteworthy new releases this week. They are Stickman Super Athletics, Dragon Skills, Just Dance 2017 and Overworld Defender Remix. So not the most exciting week for Nintendo fans, but I’m probably gonna finally pick Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, and check out what in the world Steel Rivals is… Make sure to check out the latest Nintendo Download sales while they are still active!

Steel Rivals | Nintendo Download
You continue to surprise and confuse me, Big N…
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