Trails of Cold Steel IIXSEED Games has recently launched the official website for the sequel to last years Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, Trails of Cold Steel II. You can check it out here.

The Courageous

During a certain point in the story, the Imperial family’s high-speed cruiser known as the Courageous becomes the home base for Rean and the other members of Class VII. The war may continue to rage on across the land below, but thanks to this brand new mode of transportation, Class VII can travel anywhere they please in record time to help the citizens of Erebonia through these trying times.


Between major operations, Class VII will receive special requests from both the acting captain of the Courageous and a certain handsome Erebonian gentleman who is all about promoting love and peace. Ranging from monster extermination to simply finding some way to make the lives of Erebonian citizens easier during wartime, completing these quests will help accumulate Academic Points (AP), which will go towards your overall grade and earn you special rewards during specific points in the story.

Recruiting Thors Students

Dozens of students met over the course of Rean’s year at Thors Military Academy are now scattered across eastern Erebonia, and each of them are contributing what they can to make the civil war come to an end that much sooner. Finding and recruiting these students to join Class VII’s efforts aboard the Courageous will open up brand new shops, features, and challenges, as well as give the Courageous plenty of life and unique conversation.

Like with the members of Class VII and their supporters, chatting with these students throughout the story will add new information about them in the Character section of the notebook.


From shops filled with rare accessories to libraries to challenges that test your aptitude in battle, recruiting Thors students will open up plenty of new facilities aboard the Courageous. Some students will join naturally over the course of the story, while other students need to be specifically sought out, so keep an eye out for any wandering students across the land in order to equip Class VII with the best stuff that mira can buy.

Trails of Cold Steel II is scheduled to launch on September 6 of this year for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in North America.

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