FF XV Season Pass
So many dramatic stares!

Square Enix today has announced a Season Pass for Final Fantasy XV, which is slated to release on XBox One and PS4 this coming September 30th. Besides allowing players to download additional content, they are also working with those who have already preordered the game digitally, by offering a Season Pass Upgrade. For everybody else who haven’t put money down yet, there is a Digital Premium Edition with all the bells and whistles for $84.99. That might sound expensive, and it is, but the upside is that according to Hajime Tabata, there will be a lot of content. Specifically, he noted that DLC plans were pretty much set in stone, and would include more story, more costumes and even some other unspecified surprises. So if you’re a fan of Final Fantasy these days, you’ll have a lot to look forward to next month.


Josh Speer
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