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That’s right, Fate/stay night fans, your favorite female knight and king, Saber, is once again receiving another figure. The King of Knights, wielder of Excalibur, and servant of Emiya Shirou is no longer sporting her trademark blue and white armor. This time around she has traded in her battle-worn armor for a beautiful blue kimono.

You can check out some pictures of Saber in her kimono below.

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You don’t see any of the stress of being king on her face. This time, Saber wears a beautiful smile; a smile one would have if one attended a festival with friends. She holds Excalibur at her side, but does not look like she’s going to war. She looks like she is ready to have fun with Shirou and the rest of the cast.

The kimono is beautifully made and you can see many exquisite patterns lining the fabric. The light blue of the kimono is really soothing to look at, and Saber’s elegant smile just ties everything well together.

The Fate/stay night Saber Kimono figure is 1/7 scale and stands about 9.8 inches tall. It is an Aniplex Plus exclusive and is available at retailers such as Tokyo Otaku Mode, Rightstuf, and J-List. The figure is based on an illustration by original character designer, Takashi Takeuchi.

The Saber Kimono figure would be a fantastic addition to any Fate/stay night fan’s collection. Because of the detail in the kimono and Saber’s expression, I believe she can be enjoyed by any collector, even if they were not a fan of the series.

You can pre-order the figure from J-List HERE.

Will you bring the King of Knights home with you?

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