Divine Prison Tower | mary-skelter-screen-3

Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter is a different sort of Dungeon-crawling RPG that Compile Heart announced in conjunction with Dengeki PlayStation a few months back. If you’ve been active in reading our site, you’ve probably heard a lot about the title so far! Today’s new trailer goes over a little bit of everything that makes the upcoming title “tick.” Information about the various seiyuu voicing characters, the game’s battle mechanics, and aspects of the title’s dungeon-crawling are all represented here, played to the front of a truly killer soundtrack. Check it out below!

Although the title has not been announced for a western release, players waiting to play Mary Skelter can import it when it releases October 13 in Japan. With any luck, Idea Factory International will eventually pick up the title for localization themselves!


James Galizio
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