The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Wonder Festival 2016

At this year’s Summer Wonder Festival, besides the immensely popular franchises like Love Live!, Fate and KanColle getting the spotlight with Figmas, Scales and Nendoroids, there was quite a few game related ones as well.


Breath of Wild Link nendo

One of the biggest surprises was the reveal of the Breath of Wild version Link Nendoroid, which is being manufactured by Good Smile Company.


We got not only a Nendoroid announced for Female Corrin/Female Kamui, which is also being done by GSC, but a Figma by Max Factory.

Fire Emblem Camilla
Another Fire Emblem related announcement was for Camilla, a 1/7 scale which is being manufactured by Intelligent Systems and the same artist behind the Chara-Forme Chrom.

Fire Emblem Elise
Not a new particular announcement per say, but GSC finally shown off a finished painted Elise Nendoroid. The precious cinnamon rolls has turned out great and she looks as cute as ever.


Two new Twilight Princess incarnation of Link and Zelda in Figma form has been shown off and are being overseen by Max Factory.



Again, not a new announcement, but a completed Meta Knight Nendoroids was shown off, also by GSC.



The show wouldn’t be complete without a new Samus fig announcement and GSC and Max Factory are happy to oblige with the incarnation of Samus from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption in Figma form.


Another welcome surprise was the reveal of the completed 1/8 ARTFX J Red with Pikachu, along with the newly announced May with Mudkip and Serena with Fennekin figures by Kotobukiya.


And finally, Mega Man got two new Nendoroids based off his Mega Man X and EXE incarnations, as well as the the previously announced Metal Blade ver. Mega Man.

There are plenty we didn’t show here, like the Persona line up, Vanillaware line up, various garage kits; just so much to cover. What are you interested shown here? Ones not shown here? Comment and share down below.

David Fernandes
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