Kirai Desu

SEEC has developed a smartphone game that allows otakus to get turned down by their waifus in Anata no Koto ga Kirai Desu –Seishun Bishojo Renai Adventure–.

Anata no Koto ga Kirai Desu puts the player into a position to try and gain the love of girls. However, these girls have no intention on dating the players or even being around them. This game model definitely caters to the more masochist of gamers.

Kirai Desu

A warning screen is displayed at the beginning of the game saying:


In this game, you will not be able to make the girls like you.

People who are not mentally resilient should not play this game under any circumstances.

We accept no responsibility for those who suffer ill effects to mind or body after playing. Thank you for you understanding.

You can check out the screenshots below:

Anata no Koto ga Kirai Desu –Seishun Bishojo Renai Adventure– is available for smart phone devises-via iOS and Android in Japan.

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