Gal Gun

There’s some interesting issues that surround the release date of Gal*Gun: Double Peace for Europe and North America.

Originally, the listing on the website read that the moe-rail shooter’s release date is set to be July 15 and July 19 2016 for the EU and NA respectively. This has been changed to read “coming soon to PS4 & PSVita”. Although currently, there seems to be an error with PQube’s websites.

Additionally, the North American Amazon listing once had the release date for July 26. Now, the release date has been moved to August 2. This would be a one week delay. However, the UK Amazon release date is not even provided.

We have sent an email to PQube to see if we can shed some light on the possible delay. Being as it’s the weekend, we might not hear from them till Monday. We will keep you updated.

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