Yo-Kai Watch 3 Title Screen

Yo-kai Watch 3


Level-5 has released a new gameplay trailer of their upcoming game, Yo-kai Watch 3. The new batch of gameplay footage in the trailer shows off a number of new “vehicles”. There is a fairly large amount of variety among them, with the trailer showing four different ones. The first one is a shopping cart. We see the kid running around a crowded market with it in the first portion of the trailer. He can step onto the cart and push off the ground with his other foot to push himself along.

The trailer also shows off some horseback riding in a desert themed area. After a few seconds, the horse rears up on its hind legs and starts running before leaping over a gorge. The kid hangs on tight while all of this is happening. There are still two other vehicles shown in the trailer, too. You can watch the new gameplay footage in its entirety right here:


Another scene in the new gameplay trailer shows the player on a river raft on a rather gloomy, rainy day. As he paddles downstream, he works to avoid some of the hostile denizens of the river. A bit later, in another watery scene, the trailer shows the view from inside of a submarine. Suddenly, a large, purple sea monster with three heads leaps out of the water to attack. Luckily, the submarine has cannons which it can use to dissuade its foes from attacking.

While the top screen is your main view, the bottom screen often serves as a mini map. In other modes, such as when you are river rafting, the bottom screen takes on other roles. Yo-kai Watch 3 is due out on July 16th in Japan. It will be coming in both Sushi and Tempura versions with a price tag of 5,184 yen.




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