Demon Gaze II Splash Image

Today the CEO of Experience, Hajime Chikami, sent out a tweet listing a few changes to Demon Gaze 2. These are changes from the first entry in the great strategy RPG franchise. I’ll give my reaction to the changes after quoting the source.

According to the translation from Gematsu, “Demon Gaze II. The Rent System is gone. Vocaloid vocals have an on and off switch. There is a new difficulty setting.”

Giving the vocaloid vocals a switch is nice for some people that don’t like those sounds, but in the end it will not affect my enjoyment much. It’s always nice to have options though. The new difficulty setting has me wondering if it will be an easier difficulty or a harder one. Because the hard difficulty for the first game was already quite brutal. Last, we have the removal of the Rent System. And that one I’m a bit more iffy on. I tend to like my SRPGs to be punishing with their difficulty and systems. It adds an old school feel and a sense of accomplishment for beating it. So I worry that taking out this system will make it feel a little more like other games in the same genre. However, what allays my concern a bit is by how distinctive it still remains in the looks department. And the battle system seems to have made it over intact as well, which I really enjoyed in the first title.

So the changes are interesting, for sure. But it does not dampen my excitement for it’s release on 10/13/2016. I’m very hopeful that this one will see a localization here, the first title does have a very vocal cult following. But even an English Asia translation would still find me purchasing it. Check out the trailer and get hyped with me.

William Haderlie
Born in the 1970's, I've been an avid participant for much of video game history. A lifetime of being the sort of supergeek entrenched in the sciences and mathematics has not curbed my appreciation for the artistry of video games, cinema, and especially literature.