Higurashi When They Cry Hou Ch. 3 - Tatarigoroshi
MangaGamer has announced the official release of the third chapter of the question arc, Higurashi: When They Cry Hou: Tatarigoroshi. Like its predecessors, the re-released version has new updated sprites and visuals.

In this chapter, Tatarigoroshi (“Curse Killing”), the completely unexpected happens – Satoko’s father returns to Hinamizawa. What does this mean for little Satoko? What really happened in her family all those years ago before Satoshi went missing? Is Oyashiro-sama’s curse real, or just a convenient excuse to eliminate someone? Either way, you’ll have to find out the answers or die trying… when the higurashi cry.

Help spread the word on twitter with #Higurashi and introduce new fans to this remastered version of such a great series from 07th Expansion!

You can check out the game’s Steam page here.

David Fernandes
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