Paper Mario Color Splash | Featured

I have a bit of a mixed history with the Paper Mario series. Though I’ve always enjoyed them, I find that, despite their creativity, they are often inferior to the Mario & Luigi series. It also doesn’t help that the most recent Paper Mario game, Sticker Star, was an absolute flop. It was linear to a fault and didn’t capitalize on any of the new mechanics in a really meaningful way. That said, it did have some cool mechanics that you could utilize with the stylus.

Now that we know Paper Mario: Color Splash is getting an October 7 release date, you might think I’m uninterested, but truthfully, it looks like a lot of fun. The paint mechanic reminds me strongly of de Blob and the cutting mechanics hearken back to Sticker Star, but should have much more promising visual presentation on the Wii U. Hopefully this is the Paper Mario that finally supplants the Thousand Year Door for many diehard fans. Enjoy the trailer!

Josh Speer
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