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Uppers ‘Neon Sign’ and ‘Side Slam’ Mini-Trailers Released


This weeks duo of mini-trailers for Takaki’s latest project Uppers has been released by Marvelous Japan on their official YouTube channel, titled ‘Neon Sign’ and ‘Side Slam’ respectively (thanks Gematsu).

First up, Neon Sign. This is a move where the player gives an uppercut punch to the enemies and thrusts them into a neon sign, where they get electrocuted. Definitely one of the more graphic knockouts in this game, so I’d say it’s midly NSFW.

Secondly, there is Side Slam. This is pretty self-explanatory, but this involves the player picking up the enemies and throwing them into the wall. There’s definitely a lot of moves in this game, and Side Slam is another in the list.

Developed by bullets (the same devs as Kenka Bancho), Uppers is due to release on July 14th in Japan, with no word on localisation. Two demos are available on the Japanese PSN if you don’t want to wait.

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