Eagle Flight (1)

At the Ubisoft Conference, they gave more coverage to the VR game Eagle Flight. It will be playable on Oculus VR as well as all other VR devices. Though they had the first trailer a while ago, this was the first real demo of the game, a first as it showcased a live PVP demo in VR using PS4 controllers.

Eagle Flight (4)

The game itself takes place in the skies over Paris and you play in teams to bring food to your nest, thus scoring points. Paris has been reclaimed by nature, overrun with trees, undergrowth and escaped animals. Playing as an eagle which can shoot projectiles, you utilize gusts of wind and thermals for speed boosts to secure victory. In the demo itself, they played to three points, and the Red team dominated the Blue, soaring through the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks.

Eagle Flight (7)

Eagle Flight looks truly fascinating, giving VR players a chance to finally feel the rush of flight firsthand. It is slated to eventually come out to PC an PS4 in the future.

Josh Speer
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