Resident Evil VII Biohazard | oprainfall

In a truly surprising announcement, Resident Evil VII now has a title and a release window of January 2017. Not only that, but they showed the scene fully in Playstation VR. And the game will be fully playable with the VR or without. The subtitle calls back to the series roots, Biohazard, as well as the tone and location of the trailer. This is looking surprisingly good already and goes a long way to getting me interested in this franchise again. We are very excited to see this direction and we will post the trailer as soon as it becomes available. The trailer started off with you waking up to a phone call and a woman tells you to get out of the house immediately. You don’t listen and end up seeing a truly trippy VHS tape. More news on this as soon as it becomes available.

*Update* Trailer has dropped and demo is available tonight with PS Plus.

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William Haderlie
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