Xbox One S | oprainfall

Don’t like how the Xbox One looks? Think it’s too big? Need a higher resolution, say, 4K? Well, it looks like Microsoft has you covered, and at a pretty good price, all things considered. The Xbox One S features integrated power and Ultra HD visuals, all in a much nicer-looking package.

As someone who’s been sort of waiting out the Xbox One to see what happens, this makes the console a lot more attractive. It may just end up selling to a lot of the holdouts.

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Phil Schipper
Phil N. Schipper joined the Operation Rainfall staff to review Android games, but soon fell in love with writing news articles and Games of the Past. His dream is to make a living writing sci-fi and fantasy novels, which is why he leads the Obscure Authors Alliance in his free time. Still, even in his stories, which usually involve insane people, video games are one of his strongest influences. He describes himself as "a Mr. Nice Guy with a horrible, horrible dark side."