Lawbreakers Feature Image

Cliffy B is one of the few rockstar developers in the gaming industry. So when he is announcing his new game, it’s always a huge deal. His new game is called Lawbreakers and it is a team based first person shooter. We were treated to some new footage from the newest arena stage, called the Promenade. It is obvious that the team based shooter genre is feeling rather crowded right now, but Cliff addressed that very thing when he stated:

“If Overwatch is Street Fighter, we want to be Mortal Kombat.”

So that is how they are positioning the style and content for this game. There still is a lot of personality in the characters, but not of the same type as their Blizzard competitor. Additionally they have announced that there will be a public alpha, and invites will start on June 16th. For more alpha information check out the following video.

Sign up for the alpha at the official website, here.

William Haderlie
Born in the 1970's, I've been an avid participant for much of video game history. A lifetime of being the sort of supergeek entrenched in the sciences and mathematics has not curbed my appreciation for the artistry of video games, cinema, and especially literature.