Persona 5 Gets Dungeon and Velvet Room Details

Friday, June 10th, 2016

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Atlus has released some new information about their upcoming dungeon-life simulation RPG Persona 5 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

The protagonist gets caught up in a mess that he didn’t directly ask for, but felt like he was doing the right thing. After the confrontation he was given a criminal record, but was this all a dream? The guards that approach him are twins and he is told that he must begin rehabilitation and obtain freedom. The only way to do this is to excel as a thief.


The Palace can be accessed by the cell phones provided to the characters by Igor. These devises are known as “Isekai Navi”.


This dungeon will host evil persons with warped hearts. Additionally, the setting will be different at times, including, museums, castles, pyramids. The protagonist and company are searching for an item called “treasure”.


However, during the day, the characters will hang up their masks and attend school and other activities. This includes, studying, hanging out, playing games, and going to work.


The story will play out in episode format, meaning that each part of the game is independent and soon the stories will tie together and connect.


Persona 5 is coming to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on September 15 in Japan and February 14 in NA.

Thanks, Famitsu.

  • Daymon

    My body is ready.

    • j0eeyy_p

      So is mine πŸ˜‰ Day one import, woop!

    • Samanthawpace2

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  • Dgnfly

    My hype died when it got announced to be english dub only. And for anybody who believes John Hardin comment on maybe DLC later is just a bullshit Pr statement especially considering the lying sack of shit promised some result from those surveys and we are yet to see those. seriously ATLUS just a english BIas SJW publisher and yes expect censorship if tokyo mirage is anything to go by.

    • Daymon

      Dude, John Hardin is just a PR guy – there’s only so much he can do and say. I personally like the guy. There aren’t a lot of companies who interact with the fans on the level that he does.

      And if you think Atlus is a “SJW publisher” because of Tokyo Mirage Sessions… well, nothing I say will change your mind, but it’s clear that Nintendo was the one pulling the strings there.

    • azariosays

      Yea and he has to fill the shoes of Atlus’ previous PR guy, Aram, who is a god to the PR community lol

    • Dgnfly

      Sorry but that guy is full of shit in general, i had a debate with him on Playstation europe blog he was allowed to say or taunt anything but when i wanted to call him out on his bullshit surveys and make a argument he had them deleted. not to mention how he coulden’t make a reasonable argument against any user there asking for japanese dub stating non-stop we were all disrespecting the U.S voice actors while we can spin that notion about the japanese ones not being included he just ignored and called us bigots.

      Even odin sphere cover was censored a bit to avoid offending ppl
      same for dungeon travelers 2, and they had losers like Nich Maragos on their team, that would explain their bias nature. Also if that were completely true then Senran kagura from Xseed would have never gotten a 3DS release considering that game is so anto nintendo.

    • Daymon

      Definitely not saying you have to like the guy. I just know that there’s only so much a PR person can say about certain things.

      I also believe there’s a huge difference in making changes for an ESRB rating (in the case of Dungeon Travelers 2), and making changes that really don’t seem to have any rhyme or reason (in the case of Tokyo Mirage Sessions). When Atlus made those changes, I felt they were very, very upfront about them, and did everything they could to create an experience that was as true to the original as they possibly could. They have my respect for that.

      Regarding Senran Kagura, I think the difference there is that Nintendo wasn’t involved in publishing or anything like that. They only seem to be really exerting their influence when it’s something they’re directly tied to (like publishing or developing or providing characters from their IPs). Considering Atlus hasn’t made changes on the scale that we’re seeing in Tokyo Mirage Sessions, the trail leads back to Nintendo, in my opinion.

    • Dgnfly

      There is one thing about just being a Pr guy but he’s just being Two-faced. not to mention he constantly states starting surveys for duals audio which we never see or hear anything from again.

      One survey only opened for about 2 hours before they closed it and most questions were about, want free stuff like OST or dual audio? so basicly bribing ppl with gifts to pick english dub only not to mention demanding a higher price if it was included while their games barely drop in price and are alrdy overpriced compared to other publishers.

      ESRB is now the flagship to blame censorship on, even if games with the same kinda content made it through the certain rating they claim the wanna hit. Also nintendo stated they weren’t involved with Tokyo Mirage and said its all up to ATLUS, then when ppl attacked them for still censoring they passed the ball back to nintendo so who actually is responsible is kinda hard to tell both sides will never be honest about it but considering the ATLUS SJW localizer now works for nintendo its kinda the same.

      I feel there is little to respect about a company that alters its content for the sake of SJW/Fem considering they aren’t even your audience, and in turn they are disrespecting the ppl that actually play these games. All for the sake of sales that they won’t get in the end anyway cause most that complain about it don’t even play those games.

      Might be true but nowadays things are starting to change in the old days ppl diden’t worry about to much skin more about violence nowdays the roles are reversed.

      Also NIS america is now so called upfront about changes, while in the past they hid a lot of those but nowadays fans are more into uncovering these kinda things so i think they have no other choice or suffer bad Pr which they deserve anyways if they do.

    • Daymon

      It’s entirely possible that he’s trying to drum up interest in dual audio and trying to show the company that it’s something they should pursue. Maybe they’re telling him to do it and they don’t think there’s enough interest. Just because you see a bunch of people asking for it doesn’t mean that it’s enough people that they think it’s something they should pursue. There are so many factors that go into that kind of business decision that it’s hard to pick apart. Not saying that you’re wrong, just saying that it’s one of several possibilities.

      I also won’t compare games to try and compare ESRB ratings. It’s the sum of the whole, so doing side-by-side comparisons of pictures doesn’t do much, in my opinion. They let people know that they were changing 4 images, why they were changing them, and they worked hard to preserve the original intent. I don’t believe for a second that they did it to appease the part of the so-called “SJW/Feminist” crowd that will rage about anything they don’t like in video games/media in general. If they were, they would have changed a lot more about that game, and would have made all sorts of changes to their other games.

      And you’re right – we may never know who is truly responsible for the changes that were made to Tokyo Mirage Sessions, but there’s one common thread between TMS, Bravely Second and FE: Fates, and it’s definitely not Atlus. I’ve also never seen Atlus make changes on this level before. I also doubt Atlus can say anything, thanks to NDAs and the like. So, my personal belief is that Nintendo is the one pulling the strings here.

    • Dgnfly

      If that would be true they could jsut prove it by showing the surveys instead of covering them up constantly. Also if so much go into this business decision kinda laughable that now every publishers does it yet they are the only ones that refuse to do so.

      True but woulden’t their point be more valid once they submit it and after that change it instead of just cutting away and then sream its ESRB’s fault cause that’s what they mostly do. sure it cost money but it does lack credibility and if they were worried about moeny they’d just kill english dub like Koei tecmo does.

    • Daymon

      Every business is different. Trying to compare the way they make decisions is like comparing apples and station wagons. It just doesn’t work. How one company makes a decision is going to vastly differ from how another does.

      As for the Dungeon Traveler’s 2 issues… I thought they had already submitted it to the ESRB? A lot has happened since then, and I was never interested in the game, so my memory is admittedly a little foggy there.

      I think it’s worth considering that companies that have localized and published for a couple decades (such as Atlus) probably have a very, very good idea of what to expect from the ESRB. Not saying any company should preemptively make changes, but I’m not always going to jump straight to disbelief. They are far, far more knowledgeable about the process than I am.

    • Dgnfly

      True but looking at Koei tecmo expand while ATLUS keeps pumping out the same games kinda shows what get’s you the best results. Also ATLUS alrdy got massivly bad Pr with non-stop screwing over the european with their past constant digital releases and english dub only which doesen’t go down well in europe compared to U.S.

      No if i recall they diden’t ,all those company never do they just name ESRB for anything cut just so they can skip cost if it does get rejected and need alterations. considering every submission cost them money they just cut away till they think it will pass. I never bothered buying it considering it got censored.
      most likely the only reason it got its japanese dub was the amount of text and dungeon crawlers not being all that massivly popular here in the west.

      Also ATLUS also used a dirty tactic with Persona 4 ultimax considering they cut the japanese audio without telling it up until the last moment, which was fucking lame considering the first game did get it.

    • Daymon

      Fair enough. It’s entirely possible that Atlus is behind on the times when it comes to including dual audio. The only other thing that I can say for that is keep pushing for it, keep making your interest known, and maybe someday you’ll get it. At which point I hope you’ll come back into the Atlus fold, because their games are pretty damn stellar.

    • Dgnfly

      As long as their games are english dub i refuse to buy em. and consdiering they barely get direct or honest it would probably will never happen.

    • Miles

      Wow, you sound like an SJW or any of those privileged brats out there nowadays.

    • Dgnfly

      Seems somebody got butthurt right here. only a person who feels offended by another persons opinion or choice would qualify as a SJW you might need to look in a mirror and realize not everybody share’s your opinion on thing or sells out because its a certain company or title.

    • Miles

      Kinda like you when you read something you don’t like and make all this fuss.

      You can’t always have all the piece of cake.

    • j0eeyy_p

      You’ll understand when the games you like are under threat, mate πŸ˜‰

    • Dgnfly

      Don’t worry he just a butthurt SJW who can’t take criticism and needs a saferoom to go cry.

    • Miles

      lol thanks man. But I already understand. Too many of my games are already to my dismay unfortunately they are always my favorites RPGs. But To understand both side is something most people don’t get behind. Kinda like that saying ” Try wearing their shoes for a day.”
      You have to understand all sides. sadly to say when people start acting all overly-sensitive and self-entitled that is when you lose me.

    • j0eeyy_p

      What would your interpretation of the “other side” be?

    • Miles

      lol you know. The customers, the creators and the brats who wants it only their way. can’t satisfy all but maybe just maybe you can find the middle ground. And the one that actually have the true rights are the creator. Its their vision that they are sharing with us fans. We may not like everything they made in their game but that what makes us fans. We love and hate of their product. Which allow us to wanting more and seeing more of what they can think of. I love the idea of Fans having to help the creator but there are times when too much input and sensitivity can ruin the creator thought process. Let the creator create. As they hold the imagination that we love to see.

    • j0eeyy_p

      Yes definitely, which is why censorship (beyond legal issues) is bad and unnessecary. The “middle ground” is harder to find for people are principled towards no Eng/JPN dub/no physical no buy releases. No reasons are “wrong” it’s just beliefs that differ from person to person. But people do lose out if they choose to pass on a game they may end up enjoying, so buying it used is some way to compromise.

      And in the case of digital only on niche platforms on Vita, if the digital sales bomb, everyone will miss out because no more games will get brought over.

    • Miles

      I don’t doubt you. You and Monster musume guy have the rights to be a bit iffy. But in my opinion we’re given too much info. We’re a bit spoil in modern gaming. We wouldn’t be talking like this if this was during the ps2 age. There no charm no surprises anymore. Just will this satisfy the customers and be over with.

      Option is good but if we’re given too much control over someone else’s work than we’re no better than the SJWs.

    • j0eeyy_p

      I think we’re given too little. And with the advent of the internet, people know more about the Japanese versions and localisations than ever before, purists prefer the games to be as close to the Japanese version as possible. It’s gotten harder for companies to get away with heavily Westernising games due to the Japanese version being more readily available for comparison and purchase.

      I agree with creative control should be kept with the creator, but aside from legal issues the localisers should aim to be as close to the original game as possible. Any deviance is effectively seen as a rewrite. The only exception to this are changing obscure cultural references and memes.

    • Miles

      lol I do have to agree. We and me included would want the full game. Nothing cut or left out. Like Tales of Vesperia, we have the 360 version but that was incomplete or Criminal Girls Invite Only were they remove a chunk of content. Sidenote I’m still going to go get Criminal Girls 2 Party Favors.

      The very thing is You and everyone else do have the right to express opinions and have the every right to feel the way you feel. And I can respect that. What I don’t respect is the constant attacks, constant desperation to be the only right one, constant lack of understanding and constant disrespect towards others. In short express your reason. Don’t be a B$%ch.

      Just remember what Satoru Iwata said. Games are meant to be fun. In all my 300 games in my room most of them I had fun with. Even though some have content removed, I still had fun with them. Damn a good example is Overwatch. A very good game but To me Its the worst game of the year for me. Good gameplay and characters but I didn’t have fun with it. Because it barely have any content in it. I compare this to Street Fighter 5 where it trying to have online mode. Except Overwatch is worst. Plus it should’ve been a PC game only. For consoles you have to pay extra to truly play the game. Other than that, I you don’t have the money the game is pretty much a paperweight.

    • j0eeyy_p

      Yeah and that’s why I’m civil about it. Even though I get more pissed when I see hordes of people supporting butchered games.

      Games are art too, they should also be faithful to the original sources, otherwsie you get a distorted version of the original concept. That’s why its best to support localisers whom respect this, and not the ones who don’t and let them know why.

      On a isde note, Overwatch looks pretty interesting but not on my to-buy list. That itself had a controversy of some sort. Though I would argue that the Tracer redesigner was actually better and sexier than the original, but that’s just me.

    • Miles

      lol damn I like the way you think. keep on keeping on my friend. Well more of an acquaintance. And keep on playing those games that make you happy.

      Well, If you’re into shooters than this is on the low maybe for you. If anything get it for the PC. console is bad. Not only do you have to pay for the game full price but you have to pay for online. depending which console you have. $50 more dollars for a years worth.

    • Miles

      And you’re right share your opinion. Don’t B#*ch about it.

    • Dgnfly

      Grow up loser, if you can’t talk in a normal manner and take criticism then get of the internet.

    • Miles

      Wow this took me by surprise. I thought I should be the angry b#*ch. So you’re really an SJW. Thought you were acting like one.

    • Hexodious

      Yes, yes they were pulling the strings, 100%
      If people take a closer look at FE Fates and XCX and apply that evidence to TMS you can see that’s clearly Nintendo’s censorship work, you ain’t need a genius to figure that one out, Nintendo always have a “pre-set censorship box” ready

      But I do recommend be cautious of Atlus when it comes to these things as well, Atlus has become quite… questionable since Sega bought them

    • j0eeyy_p

      I’ve read all of your comments and I think you’re right with regards to the dual audio, surveys etc. and that is just inadequate on Atlus’s part and they should disclose the results. The point is the fanbase want dual audio and that should be provided (it was for Odin Sphere and Dragon’s Crown). That said, I won’t be blacklisting Persona 5 for no Japanese dub, as I’m hopeful the English dub will be as good as Persona 4, otherwise I’ll just mute it.

      I personally accepted Dungeon Travelers 2 that i got gifted as I believed Atlus did the right things with that. The only thing I think they should have done to make it better were side by side comparisons akin to what Censored Gaming ended up doing in the end, likewise disclose the “biku biku” interpretation. I really do not think the Archdemon sealing scene would not have gotten past all of the rating boards. I do hope the DT2 censorship controversy wasn’t a factor behind us not getting Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen though.

      I’m pretty sure Tokyo Mirage was Nintendo’s fault. And Moragos gets his flak from outdated tweets, we don’t know if he holds the same ideology now and using him to smear ATLUS as an SJW localiser is a bit unjustified tbh. I defo agree about your points surrounding actual SJW localisers like Nintendo.

    • Dgnfly

      Odin sphere only got it cause the company behind it demanded they include it. Dragon’s crown was english dub only as far as i recall?

      I won’t buy it cause then all i would do is enforce the idea if they just do english dub ppl will still buy and i won’t be a part of that.

      I do have to say that when DT 2 was released the Censorship wasen’t on a level it is right now cause nowadays it seems every company is cowering down to either diversity or other Ideology it get’s forced upon them.

      He did work for them for a long time we can never know the true extend of how deep it all runs considering there is just to much corruption in gaming overal behind the scene’s.

    • Miles

      Then stop playing these games and make your own. Go through their hardship and then tell us about it. Its not like the era of the PS2 and back anymore. Again to my dismay.

    • Dgnfly

      Butthurt much? you really act like a whiny baby that goes to his mom and whines about sombody taking his lollipop.

    • Miles

      heehee Yup XD

    • Miles

      lol Either give it the benefit of the doubt since not all games are the same. Or Just don’t care anymore of those games that you use to like. Talk about why you hate them and don’t be the people that you (I’m assuming) do not like.

    • Dgnfly

    • j0eeyy_p

      You could give the characters in Dragon’s Crown JPN voices, dunno about the rest of the game.

      Yeah fair enough. I respect your principles even though because P5 has wider appeal than most niche games you are in the minority.

      Yeah defo. Now that you mention it, do you think that could be part of the reason why they passed on To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers? I looked at the CGs for that and there a few that I think would have raised eyebrows with the ratings boards.

      That’s a good point, I do wish games companies were as transparent as XSEED are. Like, if company X passed on a particular game I’d like to have a confirmation and preferably a reason why. I respect Takaki for outright disclosing the West won’t get IA/VT Colorful due to licensing issues. I imported what would later become my favourite Vita game.

    • Dgnfly

      True but i’m planning on getting the japanese version when its very cheap then using online walkthroughs to play the game so they won’t actually profit of me.

      I liked how the Xseed localiser finally debunked the question which cost more japanese or english dub and said japanese dub and the only reason they add english is so that U.S retailers would stock the game or else they would refuse or stock less copies.

      Those kinda ppl are rare in a now more corrupt and disclosed gaming industry.

      Also remember south park the stick of truth and it got censored in europe even though the rating boards diden’t censor it but ubisoft decided to do it themselves, don’t ask me why i’m as puzzeled as you.

    • j0eeyy_p

      Japanese dub is done for fan satisfaction, which is what all localisers should strive to do. Idea Factory have Japanese dub in all of their games, alongside some English dubbing. That’s how it should be done. The retailer issue is due to them wanting to pander to more audiences.

      If I was in the games industry, I’d want to work in a place like XSEED in terms of their transparency culture. Marvleous Europe are taking steps to be closer to XSEED, so there’s that to consider too.

      Yeah, also remember Ghostlight censoring Agarest 2 more than it needed to be by the ratings boards.

      At least importing and Asian region exclusives are a thing now.

    • Dgnfly

      but then the Censorship would be called justified as an excuse for sales, yet we all know its only a certain demographic that buys these games and aren’t even close to mainstream. I do have to say i find it kinda disgusting that Idea factory is cutting out japanese dub while there is enough disc space, so i jsut import them from play asia if they do that considering the asia versions are japanese dub with eng sub.

      That’s why i only support those kinda company’s if they get more sales they can make more and bigger games and we aren’t stuck with company like ATLUS and their one sided ideal.

      Ya it was censored in europe but if i recall U.S was uncensored but not sure about that.

      Thank god for that and even bandai namco is subbing their popular anime releases in japan like one punch man and Code geass Akito cause the U.K publisher is a filthy parasite with broken releases and cut content.

    • j0eeyy_p

      Aah yes I catch your point, but then if that’s the case uncensored games should be sold online-only, or in the worst case scenario via the pulbisher’s own storefront or that of a competitor (NISA is one example, though not everyone would be pleased with that at all if that actually happened).

      The R3 versions have the JPN dub on the disc/cartridge? That’s pretty cool, but that begs the question why they didn’t do this in the West? I personally prefer the English dub of the Neptunia games so it dosen’t bother me as much, but it’s still pretty bad.

      I believe NA is uncensored.

      Can’t really comment on the last point as I don’t watch anime other than the fact that aside from the bodged translations of a couple of their games, Bamco have been on point lately especially in Asia. I would love to see them start taking D3 Publisher ecchi/otome titles for Asia considering they own D3 and that there is a market for uncensored fanservice games. It may be too much for them at the moment though.

    • Dgnfly

      NISA europe is criminalistic at their pricing especialy when converted to the euro right now.

      On their facebook it was shown by a user how much space was left open and how much the last neptunia game was with english dub. English dub it was around 12 gigs so that would mean the japanese version would be aroudn the same and fit both on a 25 Gig disc. even for the western psvita version it showed more then enough space for NIS america Demon gaze games which they claimed wasen’t true.

      Bamco actually listened after the botched the last Sword art online and their releasing of the chinees version ib the west with lines like

      Would have been so awesome if they did that for Tokyo xanadu, but there is hope atleast for valkyrie drive western release.

    • j0eeyy_p

      Tell me about it, the only reason why their pricing is getting better is because they aren’t keeping their games exclusive to their online store.

      I recall that, IFI were caught out for lying. What does Demon aze have to do with this? That game had dual audio.

      Yep, I still have yet to pick that game up. I want the physical version though I’m not sure I could live with that translation, but at least it was redone ofr the PS4 version.

      Yeah but at least we’re getting Super Robot Wars V next year. I hope XSEED still have E3 announcements to make. That and Net High would make me one happy bunny.

    • Dgnfly

      True but their collectors edition are hardly worth their price. some get close to a 100 and all you get are pieces of paper i’d rather get petite nendoroids like the Senran kagura super deluxe collectors edition that released with marvelous europe.

      I mixed up the game i meant Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, considering both are dungeon crawler and are very much alike.

      Also yet to get it considering i wanted to make sure the translation was improved according to most its a lot better just some stupid twisting of words you’d normaly woulden’t have in english which i feel they should have just translated in romaji so ppl look up the meaning.

      Also Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers has english subs in the asian version.

      I’m happy with any game that stays true to what its meant to be. meaning japanese dub with accurate translation nont of that english pandering just for the sake that they might not understand, uncensored, and physical release.

    • j0eeyy_p

      Yeah true, I only get NISA LEs if they come with a complete soundtrack, or a thick artbook. I mean Stranger of Sword City thick.

      Yep there’s that too. I don’t have a PS4 but it’s on my to-buy list. It may even get announced at E3, you never know.

      I agree to a point. I do think an English dub should be given as an option so those unfamiliar or younger are more likely to be interested if they hear their native language (unfortunately Americans in particualr seem to prefer ENG dub). I also think very obscure cultural references and memes should be converted into Western ones, as long as they aren’t out of place. If it sounds natural, it’s good enough. There was an obscure Japanese detective referenced in Persona 4 that was localised into Sherlock Holmes, I believe.

    • Dgnfly

      I only buy LE if they have sometihng more tangible like a nendoroid.

      I do agree that english dub is more for kids and to get a bigger audience but i feel that should just stay with kids shows.
      I think english dub fans like it for the sake of stupidity and lazyness, i do feel Meme shouldenΒ΄t be used they should just give you a digital manual explaining thecertain scene in detail so you learn what it actually means instead of staying close minded.

    • j0eeyy_p

      I don’t think so with regards to stupidity, not everyone whom plays localised Japanese games are into the obscure parts of Japanese culture. They may prefer their games being in dub. And sometimes its done because they can afford to and the market is there – P4DAN’s story mode aside, I can’t think of a Japanese VN that dosen’t have Japanese voices in the localised script.

      Memes I think should be avoided altogether unless a meme was already present in the Japanese script, such as the Neptunia games. I hear Net High also is full of memes in the Japanese script and I would like a potnetial localisation to have memes too. That said, Steins;Gate had an excellent glossary and I hope Steins;Gate 0 also has one.

    • Dgnfly

      Well nowaday all kid series in my country gets native dub and it shows ppl are now pretty horrible at speaking english, whereas in the old days everything was english dub with NLsubs and made me more interested in langauge cause even in my coutnries translation there are words being cut out to fit the subtitle box and not make sense.

      For VN its more about cost if you look at Funimation kickstarter for escapflowne minimum was 200.000 basicly english dub is between 200.000/500.000 bucks depending on the voice actors even Xseed diden’t do english voice dub in senran kagura cause they said they coulden’t recoup the loss.

      I just don’t want Meme iserted when there is not reason to kinda like how Funimation cut out a scene in the anime space dandy case the joke was to japanese they replaced it with nonsene english dubbing

      There is too much changing in anime when it get english dub .and sadly they never bother changing the subs most of the time and you get Dubtitles kinda like how my Hype for Ni no kuni got crushed sortly after i bought it considering it was weird playing a game in japanese and see the sub with altered names and meanings of certain words.
      Took me a year before i picked that game up again and platinumed it.

    • Jose Coronado

      You could always just purchase the japanese version of the game and the english version mute the english version, and play both at the same time that way you can hear your precious japanese audio. I don’t particularly care about it.
      I’ll be buying it day 1 since i like the persona games and the audio isn’t something to not buy a game for. It’s kind of childish

    • Dgnfly

      It is when your used to hearing japanese or else ppl who demand english dub do the same so itΒ΄s just personal preference.

  • Jose Coronado

    Can’t wait to play it, only down side is that i got to wait till February. Still day 1 buy for me