Tokyo Xanadu eX+ has recently been announced by Falcom to make it’s way onto the PlayStation 4, from it’s previously home on the PlayStation Vita.

Today, the action-RPG has received it’s release details-via Dengeki.

For those tho pre-order the game their will be a free DLC code for 39 pieces of content. These items and costumes were previously paid for content on the PlayStation Vita version of Tokyo Xanadu.

Here are a few of those items:


  • All Types of S-Wear Costumes
  • All Kinds of NiAR Wallpapers
  • Bagubagu Morimaru
  • Bagubagu Kurou
  • Bagubaku Fie
  • Unique Glasses Set
  • Angel Set
  • Devil Set
  • Witch Set

Tokay Xanadu eX+ will feature full HD at 60 fps. This will be a noticeable upgrade from the previous versions, providing smoother scenes and better looking combat.

Also, New scenarios will be added giving you a better understanding of the other characters in your party. There is also and “After Story” that is made available after the game is completed.

Here are some new screenshots:

Additionally, there are two new modes: Time Attack and Boss Rush. These two modes will focus on swiftly defeating enemies and defeating one boss after another.

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is coming to the PlayStation 4 on September 8 in Japan.


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