Famitsu has gone live with the first preview of the upcoming Experience Inc dungeon RPG Demon Gaze II for PS Vita.

The preview reveals that it is set in Asteria, which is also the same world within which the original Demon Gaze was set in. What is different however is that while in the first game the demons that you capture merely act as summons, in this title they can fight alongside you as comrades in battle.

Another thing to note is the story. The story stars the Asteria Revolutionary Party as they seek to find their missing foster mother, within which an event happens which forms the main sotry of the game. This group is set up on the suspicions of the leader of the state of Asteria.


The screenshots showcase the cutscene, battle and gem circle user interfaces (which are slightly different from the first Demon Gaze) as well as the signature artstyle. In this writer’s view, this game looks promising so far due to the improved UI and hopefully a localisation will happen, though nothing has been announced so far.


Demon Gaze II is due to be released this Autumn in Japan by Kadokawa Games.

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