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Demon Gaze II Coming to Japan This Fall

Demon Gaze II

Craving more dungeon crawler action on your PlayStation Vita? Well we have good news for you then, because Demon Gaze II will be launching in Japan sometime this fall, according to Weekly Famitsu magazine. Demon Gaze II will feature a grander story than the first game, which will take place in the city-state of Asteria. You’ll play as Signa, the new Demon Gazer, as you lead a party of orphan revolutionaries who are seeking their missing mother. Assisting Signa in his mission will be Muse, the manager of Stella’s Place, who has been Signa’s friend since they were kids.

We also know that Prometh and Cassel will be making an appearance in Demon Gaze II as well, although for now we don’t know if it’s just a cameo or they’ll keep their roles of reviving, storage, upgrading and purchasing that they had from Demon Gaze.

You’ll be facing all new demons in Demon Gaze II, which are named after constellations this time. New types of demons will serve as enemies as well. And if you enjoyed farming the demon circles for upgrades and treasure to sell, you’ll be pleased to know that feature will be making a return as well as the autopilot function.


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