Cosmic Star Heroine - oprainfall

The long wait is finally almost over, Cosmic Star Heroine has narrowed down it’s release window and also given us a release trailer over on the Official Playstation BlogZeboyd Games has been working on this Phantasy Star and Chrono Trigger homage since 2013, a fact that I am acutely aware of since I’ve been a backer on Kickstarter since day one. They have narrowed down the window to be Summer 2016 and it will be $14.99 as well as Cross-Buy for both PS4 and PS Vita. They also just announced that they are getting a limited physical release via Limited Run Games, very exciting indeed.

Cosmic Star Heroine Limited Run

Meanwhile, take a gander at their new E3 2016 Trailer, and keep it here at Operation Rainfall for more news on this exciting game. Full disclosure, even though I am a backer for the game, it is only at the game purchase level.


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