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Eager fans waiting to play Sakura Dungeon can now purchase the adult version of the game early on Nutaku.

The company has teamed up with Denpasoft to release the game, not only early, but at a 10% discount. Additionally, this is available before the all-ages Steam release.

The game’s plot is described by Nutaku:

Sakura Dungeon is a first-person dungeon crawling RPG set in a fantasy world where monsters and humans have been at war with one another for generations. However, a new battle is brewing….

In this story players will assume the role of an ancient fox spirit who awakens after several hundred years of deep sleep to find that possession of her lovingly made dungeon has been taken from her! As if that wasn’t enough cause for alarm, she has also been robbed of her power, leaving her weak and vulnerable. She soon discovers that it was a heroic knight who woke her from her slumber, and after a brief fight and “negotiation,” the knight decides to join her on an adventure to reclaim the dungeon! Together, they will unearth great treasures, reveal secrets and hidden rooms, and recruit monster girls to fight by their side…all while avoiding traps, fighting off dangerous enemies and bosses across multiple floors, and uncovering the devious plans of the new dungeon lord. One of the most important mechanics of Sakura Dungeon is the ‘capture’ mechanic, wherein the player will be able to capture monster girls they encounter and add them to their party.

In addition dungeon exploring, Sakura Dungeon is also packed with extensive dialogue and plenty of gorgeous backdrops and cutscene artwork for the player to unlock as they carefully navigate their way through the dungeon

Nutaku Spokesperson Robert Mann comments on the game coming out before the Steam version, “By forgoing the traditional Steam-first release, Denpasoft encourages people to vote with their wallets and support storefronts that don’t try to dictate what gamers can or cannot enjoy.”

Sakura Dungeon is available now on Nutaku. Disclaimer: clicking on the link goes to an 18+ website.

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