Silver Case screenshot
Please Note: This is from the original PS1 release, not the remaster.

Are you a fan of SUDA51/Grasshopper Manufacture games such as Killer 7, No More Heroes, and Killer Is Dead? If so you might be excited to learn their first game, The Silver Case, is getting the HD remastered treatment and coming to PC platforms such as Steam and PLAYISM sometime in fall of 2016.

The Silver Case was originally released on the PS1, and only in Japan. It’s murder mystery that takes inspiration form adventure games and visual novels. The player takes the role of a detective, and the player must solve puzzles to reveal the mystery.

Checkout the press release yourself below:

On behalf of Grasshopper Manufacturing, Active Gaming Media and PLAYISM is proud to announce of the Remastered and Localized version of The Silver Case.

The Silver Case, the debut title from SUDA51, was originally launched in 1999, but now we are working together on a HD Remaster and English Localization for a world wide release, Fall 2016.

Finally, a title we have all been eager to release overseas for the last 17 years is coming. This will be the first time that The Silver Case will be available in English and outside of Japan.

Aaron Evangelisti
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