Crayon Shin-chan Buriburizaemon

Crayon Shin-chan Buriburizaemon

Buriburizaemon, Shin-chan’s imaginary friend from Crayon Shin-chan, is set to make his first appearance in the show in nine years in an upcoming episode. The backstabbing, lazy pig has not appeared since 2007’s special crossover episode between Kamen Rider Den-O­ + Shin-O­, as “The Legendary IMAGIN”.

Aside from this special appearance, the character was quietly removed from the show in 2000 when his voice actor, Kaneto Shiozawa, passed away, and the 2007 episode used archived audio recorded by Shiozawa. Prior to this, the character made semi-frequent appearances in the show, generally whenever discussions of ancient Japan were happening.

Buriburizaemon is set to appear again in the May 13 episode of Crayon Shin-chan. He will be voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, also known for voicing Levi from Attack on Titan and Koyomi Araragi from the Monogatari series. A teaser for the upcoming episode can be seen below:


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