Sekai Project will be releasing the first episode of Fastmind Games‘ sci-fi noir title Selenon Rising on Steam this Friday.

The game is set several hundred years in the futures after Earth was defeated by an alien race named Selenon. Players will play as Violent, an agent of the Bureau, who destroys advanced technology to appease the Selenon. Additionally, Violet has the power to read minds. Violet works against a group of rebels trying to fight the Selenon, but that could all change in the end.

Key Features have been sent-via press release:

  • 4-episode adventure sci-fi noir visual novel spanning about 2 hours per episode.
  • Choices that determine your alignment throughout the story.
  • Investigative gameplay.
  • Exciting interrogations using deduction and psychic powers.
  • Manga-style action cutscenes.

Episode 1 on Selenon Rising will be available on April 29 on Steam.

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