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Ellen Baker

Japanese social media has fallen in love with a fictional English teacher and her name is Ellen Baker. Ms. Baker is featured in a middle school New Horizon English book.

A Twitter user, @haiyore_audio, believed this English teacher from Boston looked pretty cute and tweeted some pictures of Ellen Baker from the textbook. Apparently a lot of people agreed with this user as this tweet has now received over 50,000 retweets.

I have to say the art in this textbook looks very nice. This company must have put a lot of time and effort in making this book. In fact, the other characters in the book look pretty nice as well. But of course the star of the book is Ellen Baker. I’m sure many students would have a hard time scribbling in this book due to the great art.

You can check out the Tweets the Twitter user made below.




And in case you did not want to click any of the actual Tweets you can check out the pictures the user Tweeted below.

New Horizon | Characters New Horizon | Ellen Baker New Horizon | Ellen Baker 2

New Horizon | Ellen Baker 3 New Horizon | Other Characters New Horizon | Teaching

new_horizon_festival New Horizon | Snowing

New Horizon | Eating New Horizon | Art

Of course when an adorable character like Ellen Baker is discovered, fan art is inevitable. There is a decent amount of fan art of the English teacher now, some of these are a bit risqué. So we don’t get in trouble, here are some of the safer artworks of Ellen Baker that I’ve seen.

Ellen Baker | Fan Art
By Pixiv User: NAiK


Ellen Baker | Fan Art
By Pixiv User: しそあづき
Ellen Baker | Fan Art 3
By Pixiv User: Liebe
Ellen Baker | Fan Art 4
By Pixiv User: ヤッペン@仕事募集中
Ellen Baker | Fan Art 5
By Pixiv User: ぽよすけ

So what do you think about Ellen Baker?


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