Detectives with guitars…

NewWestGames, fellow Canadian developers from British Columbia, have announced the release date of their mystery visual novel Impulse. On April 6th you’ll be able to go all Josie and the Pussycats and take control of Chris as he and the titular band try to solve a murder Danganronpa style. The game features an original rock OST, multiple endings, and over 2 and a half hours of voice work recorded in Vancouver. The game will be available on Steam for PC and Mac users and the press release lists ‘other platforms TBA’. You can read a write up by our own Crystal Colwell about Impulse and you can view the full press release (along with gallery) below:


Impulse! is an interactive (and really, interactive) visual novel, with an original rock soundtrack and full voice acting performed by a diverse cast here in Vancouver, BC.

Impulse! had had an extensive rebuild, and now features a brand new engine built in TyranoBuilder, over 2.5 hours of voice acting, and alternate endings.

This is a story that follows Chris and his band, Impulse! through their first ever live show. After a local musician is murdered, the band decide to step in to figure out who the murderer is. Gameplay will be familiar to fans of Phoenix Wright & Dangan Ronpa.

Full release is currently slated for April 6th for PC, with Mac and Linux following later that week. Other platforms TBA.


  • “Thanks god! A greenlighted visual novel without nudity, without fan service, and with an original and charming artistic design.”
    – Epilexia, Greenlight Campaign
  • “I’ve been looking forward to trying out this game after watching a few streams and hearing from the developer. A mysterious game with good art and ideas to keep me entertainined”
    – superlanuigi, Greenlight Campaign

Based in New Westminster, BC, Canada

Founding date:
August, 2014



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