Guilty Gear 2 Overture Header

Guilty Gear 2 – Overture has now been released on Steam, and for the first week it is 40% off. So check it out now for the lower price of $11.99, after the week is out it will be $19.99. The game itself is a bit divisive, it certainly has it’s fans, but being a third person action brawler instead of a fighting game, it was always going to draw some critics. As a purchase bonus, the Steam version also includes 12 tracks from the soundtrack in a separate download folder for you. Here is the release trailer.

The world of Guilty Gear is an interesting one, and the art design and music have always been top notch. So if you are interested in playing a 3d fighting game, there are certainly worse worlds to have a chaotic battle in. So check this out and see if you are interested.

William Haderlie
Born in the 1970's, I've been an avid participant for much of video game history. A lifetime of being the sort of supergeek entrenched in the sciences and mathematics has not curbed my appreciation for the artistry of video games, cinema, and especially literature.