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Ys VIII Luminescence Stone 2

Developer Falcom has released some new details about their upcoming RPG Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. The new information mostly focuses on previously announced characters Hummel and Ricotta, and the basic actions they can take. The information also details some of the tools that will be in place for players to help them along on their adventure. The information was released through the official website for the game.

  • Character Actions

Ys VIII Hummel art

Hummel (24 years old) (voiced by KENN)

—Basic Action: Weapon: Bayonet / Attribute: Shoot

Ys VIII Bayonet Shoot

Hummel fights combining shooting with thrust attacks by way of a blade attached to the tip of his gun. He has very high attack accuracy and demonstrates excellent strength against flying-type enemies. Because his attack range stretches to a straight line, he has considerable reach, and similar to the rapier-user Laxia, it is difficult for him to quickly attack from the left, right, and behind.

—Skill Attack: Precise Shooting

Ys VIII Precise Shooting

An accurate shooting attack aimed at distant enemies. There is a slight gap between from when you take form and until you fire, so you can use this timing to modify your aiming with the directional keys.

Ys VIII Ricotta art

Ricotta (12 years old) (voiced by Nozomi Yamamoto)

—Basic Action: Weapon: Whipmace / Attribute: Strike

Ys VIII Whipmace Strike

Ricotta fights with a whipmace created herself from the plants native to the island. Since the head of the mace is connected to the handle by elastic vines, she can lash the mace like a whip while dealing damage to a wide area of enemies.

Although she has the same “Strike” attack attribute as Sahad, her attack power is not as high, but she overcomes this with her maneuverability and number of moves. Since Ricotta’s attacks flare out in a circle around her, she can even deal with enemies in her blind spot.

—Skill Attack: Handmade Trap

Ys VIII Handmade Traps

A handmade trap created by Ricottta to capture the island’s monsters. Enemies caught in the trap, which is placed on the ground, cannot move and are continuously damaged for a fixed period of time.

  • System

Ys VIII Seiren

While exploring the Isle of Seiren, you’ll come across special items called “Adventure Tools” when you meet certain requirements. The player will be able to equip these tools to enable various effects to the party and act as a big help in exploring the island.

Grip Glove

Ys VIII Grip Glove

Add the ability to climb ivy, through which you can access areas not accessible on foot or by jumping.

Gale Wings

Ys VIII Gale Wings

Greatly increases your speed while dashing. You can also dash while assaulting an enemy, becoming something of a ram attack.

Luminescence Stone

Ys VIII Luminescence Stone

Faintly illuminates the area around the player. This will prove essential when exploring areas such as caves covered in darkness.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is set for release in Japan on PS Vita on July 21, 2016. A PS4 version will follow in 2017.


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