Playstation VR

We finally have solid information from GDC about the Playstation VR. According to the Official Playstation Blog it will release this October for the suggested retail price of USD $399 / CAD $549. That is immediately huge news both for the release date, and also for that price. Just to give some perspective, Oculus Rift is $600 and the HTC Vive is around $800. Sony has previously stated that they were trying to use more affordable parts to ensure that their price would be more consumer friendly. But at this price we have to wonder if they are eating some of the cost to get it out into the wild. This will prove to be interesting even beyond the announcement itself. The package includes all components shown above.

Playstation VR Headset

According to the post on the blog:

Today more than 230 developers are building content for PlayStation VR, from smaller independent teams to larger studios at the industry’s top publishers. We expect to have more than 50 games available from launch in October 2016 until the end of the year. Of course, the full promise of PlayStation VR will continue to grow over time as talented developers create new experiences and new genres that wouldn’t be possible outside of VR. The future looks bright indeed.

Japan Studio, the prestigious first party Sony developer, is also working on The Playroom and will be available included with the device. It will include 6 games within The Playroom, but no screenshots are available yet. With VR that prospect is difficult anyway due to the difficulty of conveying immersion in three dimensional space.

This is very exciting news, feel free to comment your skepticism or hype. We’ll keep an eye out for any further developments now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag.


William Haderlie
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