Xenoblade Chronicles X - Offical Artwork 3

Xenoblade Chronicles X has been out for a decent amount of time. Some of you probably had a lot of fun playing around with the ‘Skells’ or giant robots that made exploring Mira much easier. Kotobukiya has a little treat for you Skell maniacs out there. They bring us a 1/48 scale model kit of one of the Skells, particularly the one with the Formula Zero frame. This kit includes the decals for the model, a sword, machine gun, grenade, beamsaber and a shield. It is currently up for about $70. Like in-game, these things can transform into vehicles for added mobility.

Xenoblade Skell modelkit1 Xenoblade Skell modelkit2

Pre-order from Play-Asia below:

Xenoblade Chronicles X 1/48 Scale Model Kit: Formula

Justin Guillou
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