Summon Night 6 Movement

Summon Night 6 Raj and Amu Meet

Some big updates have been announced for Summon Night 6: Lost Borders before. The game released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on March 10 in Japan.

Raj and Amu finally meet beyond the barrier Zesshiheki. The two are glad not to be isolated when suddenly Isuto appears. Isuto has been watching over the two and uses his vision to show them a woman soldier.

Summon Night 6 Spinel


Summoned on the way to an errand in Eucross, she has no memory at the time she was summoned, and her magical power was weakened. She can no longer use “Miracle” correctly. In her weakened state she finds herself on the verge of tears when she is rescued by Azlier.

Summon Night 6 Azlier


Azlier is a commanding officer who leads the empire army’s naval batle unit.  Her brother has become possessed by the Magical Sword and she is determined to save him. She is going to meet Rexx when she encounters Spinel and they travel together.

Summon Night 6 Party on a journey

The party is trying to find their missing friends and as they find someone they have promised to report to Isuto, who some people are suspicious of.

From Gematsu:

At that time, Kyle’s younger sister Sonolar was traveling together with Scarrel.

Scarrel should have been a comrade from the same pirate family, but he is in an assassin era and doesn’t recognize Sonolar.

Scarrel denies their comradery and tries to leave, but a new enemy, Kaijin Erst who brings Nether Beasts alongside, appears and commences an attack.

Scarrel protects Sonolar from the Nether Beast’s assault, and is inflicted with a Nether erosion when she is hit.


Summon Night 6 Sonolar

Sonolar is a gunner from Kyle’s pirate family. She greets Aty and immerses herself into the mystery of the island and fights against the Imperial Army. She is summoned on a pirate ship with Aty and Kyle, but is separated from Kyle and the others.


Summon Night 6 Scarrel

Scarrel is a “Crimson Gloves” Assassin who isn’t too keen on shady behavior. He talks himself into things with a joking manner and acts like a clown. During a mission he is summoned and encounters Sonolar in the Cacoon World. He is bewildered and tried to avoid this girl who seems to know his future self. He protects her when the Nether Beasts appear though and he is injured. The Nether Erosion slowly stops his ability to reason.


Kaijin Erst

Summon Night 6 Kaijin Erst

A mediation summoner who belongs to the different world mediation organization Eucross. His younger brother Ghift is distorted by delusion, and he himself is implanted with Nether,  and becomes a Nether Destroyer. He was fuzzy when summoned and is now reckless and unable to control himself. He transforms into an illegal presence spreading Nether wherever he goes.

Summon Night 6 Fight

Scarrel is worried about becoming a Nether and disappears. Sonolar asks everyone to search for Scarell and after a while Corlal senses a magical power of a Nether Beast. Knowing it isn’t a goo idea they head towards it and find Kaijin Erst, and a Nether – eroded Scarrel. In this battle Arca, a person from another time axis, appears.


Summon Night 6 Arca

She is a mediation summoner who belongs to the different world mediation organization Eucross, and is concerned with the uproar related to Nether. Kagerou is her cross. She discovers Kaijin Erst by chance while exploring an unknown world. She and Kagerou chase after him.


Summon Night 6 Kagerou

Arca’s Cross, who was involved in the Nether uproar, he learns that he is the new life born of the purification light, which is the rival of Nether. He and Arca transfer to the Lail organization and assist with research where on his first day off in quite a while he is summoned while he and Arca are out shopping.


Summon Night 6 Dyth

Folth’s Cross who both belong to the different world mediation organization Eucross. He gets summoned while out on an errand and is unable to understand what is going on. He meets Ishlar and travels with him.

Gian Crastof

Summon Night 6 Gian Crastof

A member of the Colorless Faction, has a “Beast Trainer” name. Arozaid born of the Crastof family and Monoceros. In the middle of his journey seeking revenge on his father he rescues Enysha. She is an Arozaid like him who wishes to see her mother. They are summoned in the middle of a snowstorm and get separated.



An Arozaid with a human father and a Moon Light Flower ancient fairy mother. She was deceived and sold to a demon summoner. A youth experiment by Gian rescues her and the two continue to find a way to Maetropa until they are summoned.

Free DLC

Summon Night 6 Free DLC

Sometime after launch free DLC will be released that has quests where characters become available for use as battle units.

Sonolar will join your party as a battle unit, and characters can equip special exclusive accessories, too.

DLC Content

  • March 10 – “Hasaha” Event

  • March 17 – “Kunon” Event

  • March 24 – “Bulrell” Event

  • March 31 – “Sonolar” Event

*Hasaha, Kunon, Bulrell, and Sonolar can not participate in Night Talks.




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