Akira Saito | Sega 3d Classics Collection


Akira Saito was a very talented programmer, and a key member at M2. He worked on many projects like Sega 3D Classics Collection for Nintendo 3DS, as well as the emulators for the Sega Genisis/Mega Drive and Master System on the Wii Virtual Console, and more. Akira Saito was just 43 years old, a life cut short as his battle with cancer came to a tragic end. In a post on M2’s website, M2 President, Naoki Horii summed up Akira Saito’s life and legacy like this:

“He lived his life with video games.”

Things like this remind of us of how special life is, and how lucky we are to be alive. You never know quite how much time you have left in this world, and that’s a heck of a reason to spend that time doing what you love and staying close to those important to you.

M2’s Akira Saito clearly had a passion for video games that came out in his work. Though he may no longer be with us, his memory and his legacy will live on. Our thoughts are with his family, friends, and colleagues as they get through this hard time.




Michael Fontanini
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