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PR: Street Fighter V Guinness Record and Introduction Videos


To celebrate the launch of Street Fighter V on February 16th Capcom is joining forces with GAME in Manchester Trafford Centre to make gaming history! European pro player Ryan Hart will be attempting to take the Guinness World Record title for “Most consecutive opponents on Street Fighter V”. A steady stream of 250 worthy opponents will challenge Ryan to fight as he competes to defeat the most people any player has ever taken on in 12 hours. Legendary producer of the Street Fighter series, Yoshinori Ono, will also be attending, giving gamers the opportunity to meet the man behind the latest release.

“I’m really excited to be competing for the Guinness World Record title”commented Ryan Hart, “With the new battle system in Street Fighter V I’ve had to start from scratch, playing around with the characters and mastering their new moves so even the more casual player will be a challenge for me. This will definitely be an exciting day!”

Having seen Ryan play, I would expect to see a very high win percentage in this event.  This will also give people an extended look at the game being released tomorrow.  While elements of Street Fighter IV remain in the fifth platform, new systems and mechanics may take some time to get used to.  With Ono in attendance, who knows what other hi jinks will occur.  At a minimum, plenty of Blanka selfies.

Three New Character Introduction Trailers

Also released today are the final three character introduction trailers. The first one comes from that man of mystery who is, unbelievably, one of the few original characters from the first Street Fighter. Yes, I am old enough to have played that game, and on the “Deluxe” pressure pads instead of the later six button standard configuration. And your proximity to my lawn is rather disturbing. We are talking about that manly, and now overweight, bouncer Birdie.

Next comes a World Warrior who has been in almost every incarnation of the series since Street Fighter II. She has been anywhere from the lowest of low tier, to the almost ban-worthy power of her incarnation in Street Fighter III: Third Strike. Friend to fans of thunderous thighs and cosplay alike, she is Chun-Li.

Finally we have the final release day character announced, and the final introduction video as well. He may be coming in last, but he is also a World Warrior that has been around since Street Fighter II. Many of the Fighting Game Community considered his announcement to be a bit of a dud, but there are also plenty of pro and amateur players that will love to see their main yoga master back, Dhalsim. I was tempted to call him by the name we used to back in the arcades, but we’ll keep it Safe For Work.

Street Fighter V drops February 16, 2016 for MSRP $59.99 in North America. It will be released as a console exclusive to PS4, and also on the PC, and multiplayer servers will be shared between both versions. The game features a new system for Capcom that they intend to eschew the previous full priced iterations of their games into a more progressive model of frequent updates that may either be purchased for money or for the in-game earned currency called “Fight Money”.

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