Crunchyroll has added all 51 episodes of Ultraman Gaia and all 37 episodes of Ultraman Nexus to their streaming library. All episodes will be available worldwide excluding Asia.

I haven’t had the pleasure of watching either of these series yet, but I have heard that both of these series rank high on best Ultraman Series lists. Both shows have been praised for their dark compelling story lines and twists.

I cannot wait to dive into both of these shows.


Official Crunchyroll Synopsis for Ultraman Gaia:

At the dawn of the 21st century, the Earth faces destruction. Its savior turns out to be super-intelligent college student Gamu Takayama, who bonds with the mysterious light of Ultraman Gaia in order to stop devastating attacks by inscrutable aliens. Gaia receives the support of Earth defense organization X.I.G., but soon finds himself clashing with another mysterious giant, Ultraman Agul, who thinks protecting the Earth doesn’t necessarily mean protecting humans.


Official Crunchyroll Synopsis for Ultraman Nexus:

Kazuki Komon, a failed Rescue Squad member, gets recruited by the Terrestrial Liberation Trust (TLT) to join the Night Raiders, a top classified special task force assembled by the TLT to protect Earth from space monsters. After undergoing stringent training, Kazuki gets paired with the cool Night Raider sub-captain Nagi Saijyo for active duty.

I am very excited for more legal avenues to watch tokusatsu in the West and hope for more in the future.

Will you be adding any of these series to your Crunchyroll queue?

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