UPDATE: As of this morning, all of this edition of the bundle are completely sold out on Amazon.


Physical copies of Mega Man: Legacy Collection are set to release next month on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo 3DS. Originally, the collection debuted digitally on PSN, Xbox Live and the Nintendo eShop, with Capcom announcing this release sometime after. The Nintendo 3DS was originally the only version with its own bundle, but Amazon has announced its own exclusive bundle for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The bundle includes a copy of the game and a Mega Man statue that lights up. The statue is likely a changed up mold of the SDCC 2013 statue Capcom distributed, with the differences being that the statue does not seem to have the same base, and includes an E-tank, created for this statue. The E-tank, when placed near Mega Man’s left foot, causes the statue to light up. The statue stands at 9″ with the E-tank at 4″, and is USB charged and powered by an AC adapter.

Unlike the Nintendo 3DS Bundle, which includes a Gold Mega Man amiibo, postcards, stickers, 18 songs from the games and two Nintendo 3DS themes, this is actually not an official bundle. This is instead something Amazon created exclusively for their site, as Capcom confirmed that they have no part in this.

This bundle for Mega Man: The Legacy Collection is set to release next month, along with the physical release of the Play Station 4, Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS version. Pre-orders for the Special Edition are now up on Amazon, while pre-orders for the game on its own are still available on other web sites such as Best Buy, and GameStop. The Nintendo 3DS Collector’s Edition is closed on Amazon, but other sites like Best Buy and GameStop recently re-stocked the Collector’s Edition. All physical versions are set to come out on February 23rd.


Arvind Radakrishnan
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