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Seinarukana, the second game in the Spirit of Eternity Sword series, had it’s preorder site go live today.  This coincides with the Steam Greenlight campaign going live this week for the first game in the series, Aselia the Eternal.  The second game in the series is an VN/SRPG hybrid and appears to have even better production values than the first, while still maintaining some vividly NSFW scenes.  It is really only from a couple screenshots on the preorder page that you can even know that this is an 18+ game.  So this is a very exciting release for many of us.

Story synopsis from the official website:

Seinarukana follows the dimension-traveling adventures of Nozomu and his band of friends. The story opens in a typical high school in Japan. Nozomu’s everyday life is shattered when the school is suddenly attacked by strange invaders from another world wielding medieval weapons and fantastic magics.

Amidst the chaos, he and others awake to supernatural powers that had long lain dormant — powers inherited from a previous life. When the dust settles, the entire campus has dimension shifted, and the students find themselves stranded in an alien world.

While at first they simply seek to return to their own world, they gradually become entangled in a dimension-spanning intrigue that threatens the entire multiverse.

In the process, Nozomu and friends discover the nature of their powers, and memories of their former lives begin to awaken.

– An epic fantasy story that spans an infinite multiverse.
– Over 50 Hours of tactical RPG gameplay, with 6 unique endings and 3 difficulty levels.
– Deep combat that challenges you to find the right path to victory.
– Build an army from 19 playable characters with hundreds of diverse skills.
– Conquer over 100 strongholds and build powerful Artifacts to aid you in battle.
– Over 120 beautiful CGs.





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