Sekai Project has updated the Kickstarter for Root Double- Before Crime * After Days- Xtend just 9 days before the end of the campaign. The update came with the news that a new tier will open to get the game for PlayStation Vita. The tier is set at the $225 pledge marker and comes with the PlayStation Vita port along with, digital/physical game, physical/digital OST, stainless steel mug, your name in the credits, poster, T-shirt, tapestry, messenger bag, and mini shikishi.

The update explains the pricing:

First, we want to guarantee this reward completely, since we worked very hard to get it added to the campaign. Therefore, it has been placed at tiers $225 and up to ensure that the additional development funds are gathered rather than teasing a stretch goal only for it to potentially not get met, leaving no one happy. Other campaigns that offer PSVita versions as a pledge have often required an amount near 500k or so to help fund development.

However, as faith to our backers we have decided either we have to omit developing the PSVita version entirely or place it at an amount where it can be guaranteed regardless of stretch goals met. We know we are taking a risk with this, but we want to offer what you guys are asking from us.

Secondly, as stated, the game is too big for the PSVita’s physical medium, so we are not comfortable adding PSVita to a tier in which there are simply no rewards beyond a digital download considering the limited availability of the physical goods that are exclusive to this Kickstarter and cost of development that comes with this development. Therefore, for your backing of the PSVita, you will receive the assorted rewards that are included with the PSVita tiers that will only be produced for this Kickstarter campaign along with a copy of the game for the PC, all of which you can enjoy while development on the PSVita version is ongoing.

Root Double- Before Crime * After Days- Xtend has quite a ways to go before it is funded, but if you are interested the campaign can be found here.

A quick side-note: To show support to Sekai Project, we will be streaming their newest game Rabi-Ribi on our Twitch channel this Thursday.

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