PlayStation Vita Feature

The first VoteVita campaign has begun. The group is campaigning for four currently unannounced Vita titles to receive a Western release date.


The games they are campaigning for are Adventures of Mana, Freedom Planet, Yakuza 0 Vita App, and Gal Gunvolt. VoteVita is asking Vita owners to fill out a short survey that they plan on sending to developers and publishers. They also request people use the the hashtag #VoteVita and #BuildingTheList. At the time of this article they passed the 1500 vote milestone.

The PlayStation Vita may be lacking in triple A games, but there is a large group of Japanese developers creating content for the handheld that has a low chance of localization. VoteVita is gathering fans in hopes to prove to these companies that there is Vita support in the West.

We have reached out to VoteVita for a quote and will update when they respond.

Which Vita games do you want to see localized?

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