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Some new information has been released for what amiibos will do in the The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. The Wolf Link amiibo that will be bundled with copies of the game will at a certain area open up an event called “Thorough Battle: Trail of the Beast”. If you complete it while having the “Giant Wallet” you will earn the “Bottomless Wallet”. The new wallet increases the amount of rupees you can carry up to 9,999. Any hearts collected in the added dungeon can be used for recovery while going through any of the regular dungeons.

Previously released amiibos will also provide some extras in the game. Both Link and toon Link will refill your arrows. Sheik and Zelda amiibos will refill your hearts. Lastly, the Ganondorf amiibo will provide some extra challenge for players by making enemies do twice as much damage. These functions can be used once per day for the game.

Another function that the Wolf Link amiibo provides is that it can record data, such as a record of journeys. More interesting though, is that the amiibo will allow you transfer data from the game to the new Legend of Zelda. What the data will do hasn’t been explained just yet.


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