Osomatsu-san anime cover cropped

Osomatsu-san anime cover

Idea Factory announced that its otome game brand Otomate will be making a new game based on the Osomatsu-san anime that aired last fall. Details are scarce, with no mention made so far about platforms or a release window.

Osomatsu-san is a modern reimagining of the original Osomatsu-kun manga series that ran from 1962 through to 1969, by Fujio Akatsuka. The series features the Matsuno brothers, a group of identical sextuplets, who get into various shenanigans while vying for the love of their neighbor Totoko. The series is named after the oldest and self-proclaimed leader of the group, Osomatsu. Osomatsu-kun follows the brothers as children, while the modern anime picks up after they grow into adults.

More details will likely be released in the near future.


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