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Trails of Cold Steel II XSEED mini blog update

XSEED Games have recently posted on their Facebook giving an update on the status of Sen no Kiseki II or Trails of Cold Steel II. After the translation work wrapped up on the first title Trails of Cold Steel, they immediately started working on sequel’s 1.45 million character script back in early 2015 which is now currently 95% done in translation. After nearly wrapping up the production of the previous game, they started working on the editing which after December of last year is now currently sitting at 42%.

While we reached the 40% mark over winter break, our first and second weeks back into the office have mostly consisted of putting together voice files and organizing what we need for English voice recording. We plan on hopping back in the booth in March, but you can never prepare for recording 11,000~ lines too early, I say!

They are still aiming for their original 2016 release but have stated that for now they will leave that launch window as just 2016, with regular updates coming as the weeks go by. Trails of Cold Steel is available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

David Fernandes
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