Rewrite Anime | PV Screenshot

Rewrite Anime | Key Visual

A new poster for the Rewrite anime was put up at the Kokusai-Tenjijō station in Tokyo. On this poster it revealed that the anime would premiere in the Summer of 2016. Along with this poster, Aniplex unveiled a new promotional video (PV) at winter Comiket. You can watch the new PV below.

The cast for the series is as follows:

  • Masakazu Morita as Kotarou Tennouji
  • Chiwa Saito as Kotori Kanbe
  • Saya Shinomiya as Chihaya Otori
  • Eri Kitamura as Akane Senri
  • Keiko Suzuki as Sizuru Nakatsu
  • Risa Asaki as Lucia Konohana
  • Kana Hanazawa as Kagari

Tensho will direct the anime adaptation. Tensho has previously worked on The Fruit of Grisaia. Tensho will also be supervising the scripts for the adaptation. Romeo Tanaka and VisualArt’s Kai will both work on the script and composition. Romeo has previously worked on Humanity Has Declined and Kai has previously worked on the scenario for Clannad. Masayuki Nonaka will adapt the original character designs by Itaru Hinoue for the anime. The anime will be produced at 8-Bit. 8-Bit has previously worked on anime such as IS <Infinite Stratos>, Tokyo Ravens, The Fruit of Grisaia, and Comet Lucifer.

The original Rewrite visual novel was first released in 2011 on PC. It went on to receive ports to the PS Vita and PSP in 2014 as well as a PS3 port in 2015. The visual novel was created by Itaru Hinoue. Hinoue also provided the character designs. The scenario was written by Romeo Tanaka, Yūto Tonokawa and Ryukishi07 of 07th Expansion. Jun Maeda composed the music and provided quality control for the game.

The anime adaptation for Rewrite is set to premiere in the Summer of 2016. If you’re interested in the anime you should check out its official website and Twitter account. You can reach the official website HERE and Twitter account HERE.


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