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ANTYZ – A Time Odyssey is a free to play adventure puzzle game where the player takes on the role of ants trying to survive a glacial era. The game is brought to us from DNA Studios, which is a small four dude operation out of Switzerland. You can play the game on your Android or iOS devices, and it features over 100 levels to play.

« ANTYZ – A Time Odyssey » is a free adventure puzzle game. Help the ants survive a sudden glacial era. You will travel back through the ages of time, charting a path towards the center of the earth. You will control the scouting ant who must dig the path and overcome the dangers threatening the ants nest. You will travel through various eras and more than 100 magnificent levels to discover the story of ANTYZ.


  • An adventure game fit for hardcore players as well as for all family members.

  • A unique gameplay designed for tablets and mobiles.

  • More than 100 exceptional levels to explore and 600 little ants to save!

  • Stunning outfits based on real life ants.

  • Ground you can dig through with total freedom.

  • Two different worlds based on historical eras.

  • Additional levels and worlds, and more contents to follow with upcoming updates.

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